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Colorful Custom Plugs
Up to 26 decibels (dB) of attenuation

Vented and filter options

Hearing protection offered for as a little as 9 dB
The importance of having quality sleep can not be understated. Many are sensitive to noises that can disrupt our sleep

Sleep plugs are specially engineered and designed to eliminate the sharp, sudden noises that keep you awake at night or prevent you from falling asleep in the first place

Ideal for sleeping and studying

Made from soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic silicone material
Ear protection for swimming provides a tight and custom fit so it can protect sensitive ears from irritation or infection caused by water in the ears.

Helps the ears equalize underwater and are custom fit to create tight seals that keep the ear canal dry. Regular swimmers, or those who spend several hours per week performing activities in water, are encouraged to be fit for ear protection.

Available in many colour choices.

Can be ordered with handles, strings, or floatable options.

These plugs for safety reasons have minimal noise reduction characteristics
Custom musician ear plugs are designed to preserve the richness of music and quality of speech, while protecting your hearing.

These specialized ear plugs are designed to protect the ears for extended periods from harmful sound levels, while preserving the natural sound, filtered at a lower level.

Provides uniform sound reduction across all frequencies to eliminate distortion that may be common with other types of ear protection.

9 dB – minimal attenuation and high clarity
15 dB – good attenuation and great clarity
25 dB – best attenuation and good clarity
Recreational hunters and shooters may suffer from hearing loss due to excessive gunfire exposure, which exceeds 130 decibels.

Using custom-made hearing plugs can prevent needless and permanent damage to your hearing. Custom-made earplugs give you complete protection so you can safely enjoy your favorite activities.

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Types Of Hearing Instruments

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style is the ultimate discreet hearing solution. This style fits deepest within the ear canal so it is not visible at all.

Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. This tiny custom style rests deep in the ear canal.
Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style rests in the ear canal.
Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. This larger custom style is helpful for people with vision and dexterity issues.
Behind the Ear devices are the most popular style of hearing aids, accounting for 80% of purchases. These devices are suitable for first-time and experienced users. This technology includes battery operated and rechargeable options. These devices can utilize Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows for direct streaming with cellphones, landlines, computers, tablets, iPods, and assistive listening devices. Assistive listening devices include, but are not limited to personal micro microphones, TV streamers, remote controls, phone clips, Hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices (ALDs) can help enhance your listening experience with hearing aids. Assisted listening devices are amplifiers that enhance essential sounds. The user can hear speech clearly without getting distracted by background noise.
Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. Cosmetically more discreet than traditional behind the ear models. This instrument is subtle, small, and attractive. This style fits discreetly behind the ear or hidden in the shadow at the top of the ear and has an almost invisible sound tube that delivers the highest quality of sound into the ear. There is battery operated and rechargeable technologies available. These devices can utilize Bluetooth technology.
Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. This style rests behind the ear and employing an ear hook and sound tube to transmit sound to the ear. There is battery operated and rechargeable technologies available. These devices can utilize Bluetooth technology.

We Are An Authorized Vendor Of All The Major Brands!

Our objective is to get more out of your current hearing aid through enhanced programming techniques and knowledge. Alternatively, we well endeavor to learn more about your hearing profile and how to enhance it, or to guide new users requiring professional directive for their first purchase. You are assured professional service and understanding from a knowledgeable and caring team Bauer Hearing works with all Ontario Government regulated hearing aid manufacturers.

Manufacturers: Beltone, Bernafon, GN ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Widex

Hearing Counselling

We complete a personalized hearing counselling session with each of our clients. It can be very helpful during all stages of hearing loss. Dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of hearing loss can be stressful, can cause isolation, can affect self image, self esteem, and cause health deterioration.

LACE Training

Did You know that your brain’s ability to comprehend speech in noise can dramatically improve with training? Most people with hearing loss say that their #1 acoustic challenge is hearing in noisy environments. LACE, (language and Communication Enhancement), is an audiological tool that can increase auditory cognition. LACE offers over 100 communication strategies that can enrich your listening experience. The LACE program provides brain training exercises to increase neuroplasticity of the brain.

LACE training builds skills for:

• Speech-in-Noise: Learn how to focus in a noisy environment.

• Rapid Speech: Learn how to understand a fast talker more easily

• Competing Speaker: Learn to focus on the person you want to hear when multiple speakers are present.

• Target Word: Improve your auditory memory to help fill in the blanks in conversation.

Want To Know More About LACE Training?

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For More information on Lace Training please check out their website.

Service And Repairs

Bauer Hearing provides on-going maintenance, service, and repairs to all makes and models of hearing equipment and assistive listening devices. We honor all service warranties and stock parts and components for quick and easy repair service.

Clean, well functioning, properly programmed hearing aids, will enhance the listening experience. Hearing devices should receive a professional cleaning every 3-5-months. Our objective is to get more out of your current hearing aid(s), through enhanced programming techniques and knowledge.

Accessories, Batteries And Supplies

We carry accessories, batteries and supplys for all major brands makes and models. Did we mention Filters are free! Come check out our selection today!

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